By choosing the Koinonia KiwiSaver Scheme as your employer chosen scheme, you will provide your employees with access to a KiwiSaver scheme with an ethical investment policy that we believe reflects Christian values.

Choose Koinonia for your employees

You can choose Koinonia as your chosen scheme (also referred to as a “preferred provider”) if your primary activities are in our opinion Christian mission and/or ministry.

You are not responsible for the performance of your chosen scheme and nor will you be regarded as an issuer or promoter of the scheme under the law.

If a new employee does not choose a KiwiSaver scheme for themselves, then they will be allocated to your chosen scheme. If you do not have a chosen scheme, then they will be randomly allocated to a default provider by Inland Revenue.

For more information about choosing the Koinonia KiwiSaver Scheme for your employees, please contact us.

To help you with your KiwiSaver employer obligations Inland Revenue has a KiwiSaver Employer Guide (KS4). More information can be found on Inland Revenue’s website.