Accessing your money

The KiwiSaver Rules allow you to access your savings when you reach the qualifying date (usually 65) or earlier in certain circumstances.

Serious illness

To apply for a withdrawal due to serious illness complete and return this form.

Serious illness is an injury, illness or disability that:

  • results in your being totally and permanently unable to engage in work for which you are suited by reason of experience, education or training (or any combination of those things); or
  • poses a serious and imminent risk of death.

You need to fill in and return this form to us. The form includes a statutory declaration. Your doctor also needs to fill in and return their section of the form (the Doctor’s Form) along with supporting documents.

You will be advised of the Trustees’ decision.

Before you can access your money in your Koinonia account you will need to verify your identity and residential address.

Click here to view the Serious Illness Withdrawal Form.