Accessing your money

The KiwiSaver Rules allow you to access your savings when you reach the qualifying date (usually 65) or earlier in certain circumstances.

Permanent emigration

This form is to be used if you permanently emigrate from New Zealand to another country except Australia. There is a different form for transferring to Australia (please contact us).

You may apply for a withdrawal after a period of one year from the date of permanent emigration from New Zealand.

You need to fill in and return the form with documentary evidence of your overseas residential address (e.g. utility bills, bank statements) and the date you left New Zealand (e.g. airline tickets, passport stamp).

In order to access the money in your Koinonia account, you will need to verify your identity and your residential address. The form can be found under Miscellaneous forms.

Click here to view the Permanent Emigration Withdrawal Form for permanent emigration anywhere but Australia.