Accessing your money

The KiwiSaver Rules allow you to access your savings when you reach the qualifying date (usually 65) or earlier in certain circumstances.

First home purchase

Use this form if you would like to make a withdrawal to be used towards purchasing your first home or (if you have previously owned a home) a withdrawal approved by Housing New Zealand.

You need to fill in and return this form to us with a copy of your Sale and Purchase Agreement at least a week before you need the money. The form includes a statutory declaration. Your lawyer also needs to fill in and return their section of the form (the Solicitor’s or Practitioner’s Letter).

If your Sale and Purchase Agreement is conditional then you can choose whether the amount withdrawn will be applied towards paying a deposit or applied at settlement. If the agreement is unconditional, the amount withdrawn can only be applied at settlement.

If you have not already done so, you must verify your identity and residential address before you can access your money.

Click here to view the First Home Purchase Withdrawal Form.