We aim to deliver the best returns we can, without compromising our ethical investment stance.

Our style

The Board has a conservative approach towards the way we invest your money. While our aim is to deliver the best returns we can, we must also manage the risk that comes with investing in your chosen Fund.

All investments involve risk. Risk is the likelihood of not getting all your money back, or getting a different return than you expect. A further explanation of the risks associated with investing in the Scheme and each Fund is contained in our Investment Statement.

A Fund’s risk profile sets out the types of asset classes and the proportions of each we will invest in. We try to avoid speculative activity that might lead to large swings in the value of your investment. From time to time, negative returns will be unavoidable. However, our focus is always on protecting the hard earned money you have invested with us.

We recognise that sticking with our tried and tested asset class allocations is a good strategy for generating returns over the long run. However, we take an active approach to managing our investments. This means we try to add value by choosing when to buy or sell a particular investment. We use different techniques to help us with making an investment decision. They include numerical analysis, research and intuition. We realise that investment is as much an art as a science.

We do much of our investment activity ourselves (rather than using other fund managers) which helps us to apply our ethical investment policy with confidence. An Investment Committee manages the Board’s funds on our behalf. The Committee is made up of experienced industry professionals who share empathy for the aims of the Church. They work closely with management and oversee compliance with stated policies and limits.