Our funds

Koinonia offers three investment options - Income Fund, Balanced Fund and Growth Fund.


You can invest your savings in any one Fund or a combination of all or any of the three Funds. The Balanced Fund is the default Fund. If you were auto-enrolled or do not select a Fund then your savings will be invested in the Balanced Fund.

The information on our website shows target asset allocations for each Fund. Actual allocations may vary from time to time, depending on factors like market movements and changes to underlying asset values. Our objectives may also change from time to time. More information is contained in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Income Fund

The Income Fund is intended to be the least volatile of the three Funds. Its benchmark asset mix is 100% income assets.

Balanced Fund

The Balanced Fund is intended to suit the needs of members prepared to accept medium investment risk to pursue long-term growth. Its benchmark asset mix is 50% income assets and 50% growth assets.

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund is intended to suit members with a long term investment horizon or who are less risk averse. Its benchmark asset mix is 25% income assets and 75% growth assets.