We aim to deliver the best returns we can, without compromising our ethical investment stance.


You will be charged fees for investing in Koinonia.

Regular fixed fees

The fees charged are fixed fees called the “total annual fund charges” according to the Fund your monies are invested in:

Fund Total annual fund charges
(% p.a. of Fund’s net asset value)
Income Fund 1.4%
Balanced Fund 1.5%
Growth Fund 1.6%

The above total annual fund charges cover all of the regular administration and management costs and expenses for trusteeship, administration and investment management of Koinonia.

The total annual fund charges are calculated daily as a percentage of the net asset value in the particular Fund. The total annual fund charges are deducted from your before-tax investment returns before these are credited to your account. Returns are calculated and allocated to member accounts quarterly.

No individual action or other fees

There are currently no individual action fees (eg establishment, contribution, withdrawal, fund switching) or other fees charged.

However, we are entitled under the Trust Deed to be reimbursed from Koinonia for other costs and expenses, such as those that are irregular or extraordinary or cannot be reasonably known or estimated.

The fees can be changed

The Trustee may from time to time change the amount and type of fees payable.