We aim to deliver the best returns we can, without compromising our ethical investment stance.

Ethical stance

The Board has had an ethical investment policy for Koinonia as long as the Scheme has been in operation.

The policy reflects our Christian values and is rigorously applied. Importantly, even though we have an ethical policy, we do not make concessions about our performance. We evaluate our investment performance against our peers.

Applying our ethical investment policy includes doing our best to avoid direct investment in companies:

  • in the arms manufacturing, gambling, tobacco, pornography and brewing industries;
  • whose primary focus is the extraction and production of fossil fuels (however, we retain the ability to hedge energy price risk);
  • where the activities of key individuals raise serious ethical concerns;
  • with a poor environmental record or consistently bad industrial relations; and
  • where management appears excessively concerned with its own remuneration.

We are an active shareholder and exercise voting power in accordance with our ethical stance.

Our policy does not preclude investment in certain overseas funds which may not necessarily have the same approach as the Board to ethical investment. For example, tracker funds, alternative strategy funds and certain fixed interest funds.

The Ethical Investment Policy and the Scheme’s Responsible Investment Statement are available for viewing in the publications section.